TOPIC: Financial sustainability and growth in sport-based ventures

TOPIC: Financial sustainability and growth in sport-based ventures: example of EuroLeague basketball. ( it could be slightly changed if you suggest the better name of the topic) – Issues that might be covered in my thesis should contain the following: financial growth strategy, potential struggles of becoming stronger, developing the sports industry (EuroLeague basketball), and getting success as a business. I have recommended the structure of the thesis by University and other requirements which I have attached. The Thesis should be 10000 worlds excluded appendixes and reference. Primary research required and should be done either qualitative or quantitative research. I wish you to conduct primary research and contact respondents or do it in manner you prefer.Are you able to carry out this ? The survey or interview which will be completed as primary research should be presented in the appendix. We need to agree about type of research on this in advance. I need confirmation from you that this topic can be completed by you with the requirements above. I prefer to receive parts of the thesis step by step to have a chance to review them with my supervisor. In case amendments will be required I will highlight them and send you back for fixing. Are you ok with this? In addition, I hope that you will make your best. I am doing well in my course so I need the best quality as possible. Based on these facts what is a price for this work? I am looking forward to your replay. Thanks, Regards, Anton.

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