Plagiarism is a crime that is punishable by law. Plagiarism is the act of taking literally work of other authors and writing as one’s own original work. To be more specific, plagiarism is the use of someone words, ideas, thoughts or even opinion without acknowledging him or her. Using other people ideas without recognizing them can affect the authenticity and credibility of academic literally works. Plagiarized work can be as a result of improper note taking, paraphrasing, and directly quoting without citing the source or using the right citation method. There are diverse methods that students can use to avoid plagiarism when writing essays, especially in the institution of higher learning. Plagiarism cannot only lead to serious legal consequences, it can also dent students and academic reputation. It is therefore very important for students to avoid plagiarism and ensure high level of originality in their work. To get this level of assurance, contact, and we shall gladly help.