Your Passion or Agency

My passion is organizational leadership, order, and excellence. My passion is also to help small to medium size churches set as an Apostolic Ministry with all the five offices working together as a team. I also have a passion for the people of God to gain a clear understanding of the Word of God. Another passion is to assist churches to grow healthily.

This section should identify a passion or action that revolves around one of your concerns that

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Your Passion or Agency
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God has given you. This should be a “doable” concern or action, like serving in a ministry or

business. This section should be 1000 words minimum.

Section Two

In this section, you will describe yourself as a leader. Be sure to explain your strengths, God-given-giftings, spiritual giftings, and any weaknesses that you rely on God and people to help develop. This section should be 1000 words minimum.

Self-Description as a Leader

My leadership style is servant leadership. My strengths are the ability to listen before responding, the value of people and what they offer, humility in the form of putting others first, trust in the form of believing in others and giving them space to complete assignments while incorporating their uniqueness, a standard of excellence, robust vision casting strategies, and able to rally and empower others.

Weaknesses: inability to make rapid decisions, imbalance of giving too much responsibility to others, quick to step in and take over projects when they are not moving quickly enough.