Written Assignment (Organizational Behaviour)

Written Assignment Here are the questions for the case study. 1. Organizational Design and Structure (Advantages/Disadvantages). 2. Conflict (Evidence and effect of conflict in the organization and how it is handled). 3. Leadership Style (Leadership style of the key leaders). 4. Organizational Culture (Culture(s) within the organization and the effect of the culture(s) on organization performance). 5. Organizational Change (Analyze any significant change – current changes being implemented; a recent change already implemented; changes being contemplated for the future). Each topic is worth 8 marks with the mark allocation as follows: 1. Describe the current situation for each topic at Horvath Foods. (2 marks) 2. Analyze the effectiveness of their approach i.e. how it helps or hinders. (2 marks) 3. Make recommendations on how Horvath Foods can improve. (2 marks) 4. Link your recommendations to specific OB theories/concepts. (2 marks)

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