Writing a Sales Pitch

For this assignment, you will be writing a client sales pitch justifying all of your Hyperlight-KE designs. Review “Writing a Sales Pitch” before you begin.

Assignment Details

Make sure all of your designs are consistent and follow Hyperlight’s style guide.

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Writing a Sales Pitch
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Write a professional sales pitch in Word that sells your designs to Hyperlight.

Discuss how the designs follow Hyperlight’s style guide and work together to create an effective ‘solution’ to Hyperlight’s ‘problem,’ keeping in mind what you’ve learned about the Hyperlight-KE and its target audience. Explain why the design is unique, will appeal to the target audience, and will stand out from the competition.

Explain the details of your designs, including why you used the elements and principles of design the way you did, and how the visual hierarchy works.

Include images of your designs for the client to reference, and to reinforce your message of why they’re the best solution.

End with a conclusion and call to action.

Include a cover page with your name, the client, and the project.


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