Write a Research Paper about the quest for meaning, peace, love, fulfilment, wellbeing, comfort, friendship, safety, understanding, and enlightenment in Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha. Feel free to focus this topic as best makes sense to you.

Examples of research objectives:

Business/Decision Problem – Johnny’s Sporting Goods Store would like to update its packaging material because they developed a new product line.

  • Research Objective 1 – Determine the consumer’s requirements and expectations of the packaging material for the new product line.
  • Research Objective 2 – Evaluate the effectiveness of different packaging designs and products (recycled, cardboard, plastic, foam, etc.

Business/Decision Problem – Trinity Methodist Church would like to increase local traffic to the website.

  • Research Objective 1 – Measure website awareness/visibility by using Google Analytics
  • Research Objective 2 – Isolate the target population (church goers) opportunity by determining if the opportunity is largest among new visitors (reach) or existing visitors (frequency).
  • Research Objective 3 – Evaluate the effectiveness of the current strategies used to drive consumers to the website.

Business/Decision Problem – Sharky’s Bar & Grille would like to improve employee morale.

  • Research Objective 1 – Measure the current level of employee morale at Sharky’s.
  • Research Objective 2 – Identify causal issues effecting employee morale (required dress code, shift hours, pay, benefits, etc.).
  • Research Objective 3 – Determine the best solutions for addressing the issues effecting employee morale at Sharky’s.


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