Working with Children aged 3 to 6 Years

Working with children aged 3 to 6 – (1500 Words) excludes direct quotes.
Describe the developmental progress and key milestones for children aged 3-6 years and
link to 5 areas of development. All 5 areas of development should be mentioned. (500
words approx.)
The 5 areas of Development are
• Physical
• Social
• Emotional
• Cognitive and
• Language
Each area of development should be referenced.
Choose three theories of children’s development and learning which refer to children
aged 3-6 years. Describe each theory and explain how knowledge of each theory helps
to understand children’s play, active learning and development. (1000 words approx.)
Three theories must be described and must be referenced.
Use one cognitive, one behaviourist and one play theory.
Below are some suggestions.
Cognitive Theory
• Bruner and Vygotsky- Socio Cultural/ Social Learning Theory
• Piaget: Constructivist Theory.
Behaviourist Theory
• Pavlov: Classical Conditioning
• Skinner: Operant Conditioning
Play Theory
• Tina Bruce: Free Flow Play
• Corrinne Hutt: Metal Box Experiment (Curiosity, Exploration, Manipulation)
• Kathy Sylva: Simple vs Complex Play
• Sturrock and Else: Play Cycle
• Bob Hughes: Playwork
Sources are linked below.
Possible sources:
Book – Evolutionary Playwork by Bob Hughes
Book – The Developing Person Through the Life Span by Kathleen Berger

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