Workers’ Organizations (Trade Unions)

Workers’ organizations (trade unions) have a good idea of what is happening “on the ground.” They closely monitor the conditions under which workers are employed and frequently learn of situations in which workers are being denied their rights. They are then able to investigate these reports with a view to uncovering breaches of contract or irregular situations.

Both workers’ and employer’s associations are engaged in education and awareness raising among their constituencies. Increasing understanding of what trafficking is and how it works means that more workers and employers are likely to identify trafficking in their midst. Putting in place reporting mechanisms is also something that employers and workers’ organizations regularly do.

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Workers’ Organizations (Trade Unions)
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Finally, workers’ and employers’ associations are able to provide short-and longer-term support to trafficking victims when they are identified. Employers may be able to guarantee regular employment if the victim wishes it, or short-term employment while a victim is waiting to go home. Workers’ groups may provide counselling or support, accommodation or financial help.