Work Wel-Being And Social Policy

  1. Identify at least 3 social problems, related to or impacting working families, that were discussed in the speech.
  2. For each of the 3 problems that you identify, answer the following:
    1. What group of people or population is most impacted by this social problem?
    2. According to his speech, what is Governor Hogan’s position on it addressing this social problem? What is the impact of his recommendation on the affected group of people or population?
    3. If Governor Hogan’s position or recommendations to address the social problem does not happen, what is the impact on the affected group or population? Is there a counter argument to help the affected group?
  3. How does this discussion match with your expectations as a social worker?
  4. What policies were mentioned in the speech that will or could have an impact on US business and employees? How might some of the policies mentioned affect the workplace, EAPs, and the delivery of human services to working families?
  5. As an emerging social work professional, where is your greatest impact to help make progress in any one of the social problems you identified?

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