Work Psychology

Work Psychology
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• Assessment
o Analysis of OB journal article
o Presentation -Place the full reference (title of article, authors date, page numbers etc ) at the beginning of the report, using the APA6 reference style. Then address the key points. PLEASE ENSURE REFERENCE IS DONE RIGHT – CITED in main body with PAGE NUMBERs included as appropriate. Referencing GUIDE ATTACHED.
o Word Count 500 – 600 words max.
o 12 point Times New Roman font is preferred
o Due date: 19th March 2016
o Length: Min 500 and Max 600 words- Excluding references
Find an article that interests you and that is related to one of the topics covered in this subject, from one of the following journals: the Academy of Management Journal, the Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Organisational Behaviour, Personnel Review, Organizational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes,Human Resource Management Journal,Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources or Personnel Psychology. The article should be published between 2008 and 2015.
Read the article and write critical discussion of:
1. CONTENT and CONNECTIONS, including
(a) the objectives and hypotheses ( if any) of the article,
(b) the importance of the issues to organizational behaviour,
(c) the research reported in the article; the key results and their interpretation,
(d) connections to key issues in relevant topics of the subject.
(a) evaluate the evidence; consider alternative interpretations
(b) discuss the implications of the findings for practice for organizational behaviour practitioners,

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Work Psychology
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