Work life balance

• Guidelines for word limit
• Introduction (~5000 words)
• Method (with subsections ~ 1500-2000)
• Results (~ 2000 words)
• Discussion (~3000 words)
Overall word limit is 10,000 – 12,000

• Introduction
– Includes rational, lit review (including theories to be used), aims and hypothesis (for qualitative methods predictions/objectives).
• Methods
– Includes design, participants, instruments (material), ethics & procedure.
• Results
– Includes introduction to the section, descriptive and inferential statistics & tables and figures to summarized the findings, further text to explain the significant findings without any interpretation.
• Discussion/Conclusion
– Includes linking hypothesis to the findings, then your sig. finding linked to literature and theories, limitations of present study
– conclusion it is about consolidation of the significant findings and future suggestions.

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Work life balance
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• Front page(course, unit, supervisor & student names)
• Content(try to use a systematic listing such as numbering the sections)
• Figures(same as in the content)
• Abstract(no more then 200-250 words)
• Introduction
• Methods
• Results
• Discussions & Conclusions