Work Hours and Education

Work hours and education. The General Social Survey collects data on demographics, education, and work, among many other characteristics of US residents.37 Using ANOVA, we can consider educa- tional attainment levels for all 1,172 respondents at once. Below are the distributions of hours worked by educational attainment and relevant summary statistics that will be helpful in carrying out this analysis.

Educational attainment Less than HS HS Jr Coll Bachelor’s Graduate Total

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Work Hours and Education
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Mean 38.67 39.6 41.39 42.55 40.85 40.45 SD 15.81 14.97 18.1 13.62 15.51 15.17 n 121 546 97 253 155 1,172

Hours worked per week

Less than HS HS Jr Coll Bachelor’s Graduate






(a) Write hypotheses for evaluating whether the average number of hours worked varies across the five groups.

(b) Check conditions and describe any assumptions you must make to proceed with the test.

(c) Below is part of the output associated with this test. Fill in the empty cells.

Df Sum Sq Mean Sq F-value Pr(>F)

degree XXXXX XXXXX 501.54 XXXXX 0.0682

Residuals XXXXX 267,382 XXXXX


(d) What is the conclusion of the test?

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