WiFi Basics – Frequency

If you are a laptop or a Smart phone user or carry any WiFi enabled handset, the first thing you care about is the presence of WiFi wherever you are.

Its so simple for you to get connected to any WiFi network nearby you and get instantly hooked up with the internet.

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WiFi Basics – Frequency
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Also, if you are a bit tech savvy, you would also possibly have a WiFi network at your home which connects your laptop, your Tablet, your home theater, may be a WiFi radio set and so on.

Since you encounter WiFi everywhere during your day-to-day life, its worthwhile to know some basic aspects of WiFi which will enable you to make the best use of it.

When we say something is wireless, basically means information is transferred from one place to another using waves which we can’t see.

These waves are called Electromagnetic waves.

Some of these waves are longer and some are shorter.

These waves are generally characterized using a term called ‘Frequency’.

The chart below shows range of electromagnetic waves and their usage.