Why is education important? (Between 200-500 words)

Malcolm X noted education’s value by stating that: “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” It has been the backbone of society for thousands of years; consequently, when it comes to the influence of education, many of the most notable personalities that have walked this Earth recognised its power and impact for current and future generations.

Education serves you in many forms, e.g. it encourages you to reach logical, informed opinions through the utilisation of your knowledge. This contributes towards individual development by allowing you to distinguish the facts in real-world situations.  This is particularly crucial, in this day and age, in cases where conflicts have been triggered by false narratives. Education also aids in making you independent and self-sufficient because no one can take your knowledge away from you! Furthermore, education empowers and builds up self-confidence, in preparation for overcoming future hurdles in life.

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Why is education important? (Between 200-500 words)
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Education allows societies to remain perpetually innovative through continuous learning and research. Additionally, education can unlock career opportunities that can enhance your quality of life (Edgerton, Roberts & Below, 2011). It is a fact that countries with greater literacy rates have stronger economic conditions. A bachelor’s degree (generally) provides a significant advantage over a high school diploma when entering the labour market. This makes evident that increasing the incidence of educated individuals within a society, increases the chance of achieving: economic growth, status advantage and job opportunities – both individually and collectively (Pascarella & Terenzini, 2005).

In conclusion, acquiring an education can transform you into a fruitful member of society – providing the key to changing the world! It can make you feel satisfied that you have achieved your goals; feel valued, enlightened and inspire younger generations to continue on this path of self-betterment.

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