Why choose USC?

Why choose USC? This is a good question asked by my parents, friends and even myself. I believe graduate studies ought to be both academically challenging and exhilarating. But to choose which college to go to is a difficult job. However, after analyzing thoroughly all the potential schools, programs and talking to well-placed alumni, in addition to my desire and strength, I found an answer to the above question. The Pharmacy program at the University of South Carolina (USC) combines research facilities and high-quality course work to expose to interdisciplinary education and training. The program is flexible enough with infinite research opportunities to accommodate my research interests. I love its good reputation and comprehensiveness. I like its world class facilities and distinguished professors, promising specialty, ideal curriculum plan and excellent instructor-to-student ratio. Furthermore, the variety of athletic and social activities in USC would make learning more fascinating and rewarding. Mover, the interaction and dealings with your bright students from varied educational, social and cultural backgrounds that transcend the confinement of classroom learning experiences. My areas of research interest are medicinal chemistry and pharmacology. These couple of factors motivated and convinced me that your program is the most effective and efficient way to narrow the gap between my dream and me. I strongly believe that a Master’s course in Pharmacy would greatly improve my skills and research expertise, equipping me with necessary competence.

My dream of becoming a pharmacist dates back to my high school years. Math and sciences were my favorite subjects and I really did excellent on these subjects. My enthusiasm in these subjects ignited my interest in learning how drugs are produced and their actions in the body. There is no doubt that the development of drugs has greatly changed the society’s perception to certain health conditions like psychological problems, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, diabetes and cancer. Drugs are being used to both save lives and improve lives. Indisputably, the pharmaceutical has a considerable influence on society as it provides many opportunities to improve our wellbeing. It is true that medical practitioners can life. But let’s not forget that they do so with the help of medicine. With the increasing complexity and chronicity of health conditions and drug resistance, the process to discover new medications to these conditions is ongoing process. My desire is to be part of the pharmacological scientists who are committed to discovering new drugs that save lives. This huge role played by the pharmaceutical industry strengthened by conviction that pharmacy is my one career choice.

After high school, I applied and got accepted to study pharmacy. My undergraduate program has offered me a strong background and foundation in pharmacy program. The curriculum included physiology, biochemistry, pharmaceutics, medical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and pharmacology. During my undergraduate studies, I got exposed to a range of subjects and was captivated by the process of drug discovery, pharmacokinetic properties of drugs and their mechanism of action in the body. The laboratory practices and industry visits reaffirmed my passion for pharmacological sciences and now I would like to pursue your esteemed program.

My goal is to hone and advance my already existing knowledge and skills by furthering pharmacy in at your institution. I possess the right discipline, basic aptitude and determination to sustain the drive and motivation required to succeed in this program.

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