Who is Dock Ellis?

Explain in a 500 word well written academic style paragraph, free of grammatical errors, an answer for the following question (answer all questions within):

Who is Dock Ellis?  After reading about the effects of different drugs including LSD and uppers like the methamphetamines that Dock Ellis took, how was Mr. Ellis able to throw a No Hitter?  (Note:  there is a great documentary on Dock Ellis called ,”No No: A Dockumentary” you should check it out).  Dock Ellis when he first entered baseball was in many ways an angry young black man.  He threw balls at players on purpose (he is why they made current targeting rules in baseball).  He took every drug he could get his hands on, challenged Muhammad Ali (until backing away quickly), and was one of the first to challenge the race issues in baseball at the time.  Why was Dock angry?  What racial, social, and military issues of his time caused him to be so callous as a young man?  Did Dock Ellis lead a just or unjust life? 500 WORDS!!

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Who is Dock Ellis?
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