Whistle-blower Assignment

  1. Using a case study, you have chosen (not Edward Snowden):
  2. Give a brief background of the corporate misconduct.
  3. What was the Whistle-Blower’s reason for blowing the whistle- was it ethical or unethical?
  4. What steps did they take to blow the whistle (internal steps /external steps)
  5. List all the stakeholders affected.
  6. Do you agree with the Whistle-blowers actions?



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Whistle-blower Assignment
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  1. Using the same case study, you used in your Audio, please answer the following questions. Write a maximum of 200-250 words for each answer.
  2. Discuss the retaliation (if any) the Whistle-blower received.


  1. In your opinion, would this retaliation (still) happen today? Why? Why not? (Clue: Refer to Laws/Acts/Codes)


  1. In your opinion, do you believe Whistle- blowers make the corporate world a better place? Why? Why not?

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