What was the central point of the paper?

Your summary
Prepare a tightly focused summary of the central argument or idea expressed by the piece of academic writing. This summary should NOT be a summary of each paragraph in the original work, in the same sequence as the original work. Be sure to include the main idea or purpose cited within the set reading. Use your own words, but do not include your opinion. Do not make an argument of your own; only restate the author’s argument as you have understood it.
• What was the central point of the paper?
• What is the context of the paper?
• What key concepts or ideas are raised by the article?

Your evaluation
You are asked to make a judgement about the quality of the paper and to evaluate its effectiveness. Consider the following questions as a guide to help you make your assessment. Use the review criteria below to make a summation of the strengths and weaknesses of the article.
• Did the author achieve what they set out to? If so, how?
• Is the paper well organised? Were ideas clearly expressed; was the structure logical and well thought through?
• Are the methods described in sufficient detail?
• Were tables and figures used to explain ideas?
• Was the article convincing through the evidence it provided?
• Was the article credible? How would you know?

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What was the central point of the paper?
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