What strategies can the organization take to survive

What strategies can the organization take to survive, improve its performance, and compete with other hospitals over the next 5 years?

ABC Hospital is a small, privately-owned community hospital. It has been struggling to survive financially, as reimbursement rates have declined and consumers are being drawn to the larger state-of-the-art hospital facilities in urban areas that are perceived to have better quality. ABC Hospital was built in 1960 and has been operating in the same manner for many decades. The hospital meets legal and regulatory requirements but has not kept pace with some of the newer technologies and patient conveniences becoming more prevalent in the health care industry.

Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following:

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What strategies can the organization take to survive
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  • What strategies can the organization take to survive, improve its performance, and compete with other hospitals over the next 5 years?
  • What are some advantages or disadvantages of these strategies?


Respond to 2 classmates


It definitely sounds like ABC Hospital is in bad shape. One strategy to help revive the hospital is spending money on up to date equipment. As stated, patients are going to more state of the art type facilities. Even though they’re struggling financially, sometimes it costs more to make more. Invest in newer equipment. It will improve patient care and attract more patients. Also, invest in marketing. Running ads on the facility will attract patients because they’re constantly seeing it through marketing different marketing techniques. The leadership team also needs to look into ways to cut costs. The disadvantage to this is that could mean someone getting fired. If a position isn’t needed then get rid of it. Also, cutting hours may help. If it’s not necessary for instance to keep an employee on full days then reduce the time. Creating remote positions may also help. If less office space is used and employees can still be effective with their work, then less resources can be used in the office such as utilities and the computers.


There are many strategies that this hospital can do to improve its performance level and to compete with other hospitals. Since this hospital has been apart of this it’s community for several decades it should have a firm understanding of the community that they serve. With this understanding it should allow them to pinpoint what this community needs and place focus on those areas. While the focus is on what there community needs they should make an investment or lean toward making an investment that would aid to the community that they serve. Also this hospital should consider analyzing any problem areas. By focusing on what is needed by the communities needs will help them gain more patients and focusing on problem areas will allow them to recognize areas of cost that need to be cut. However, having advanced technology provides the other hospitals with an advantage. Technology is used as a help hand or tool to strengthen the performance and process of the workload. With this advantage it allows the opposing hospitals to work quickly and more accurate.

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