What Seem to be your Options?

That is, the scenario suggests an either/or: either you steal the CD and, presuming you don’t get caught, get to enjoy some great music for free – or you don’t. These may well be your two primary options, but, in ethical analysis especially, it is always a good idea to see if we are clear about all the realistic options, not just the most obvious ones.

2. Develop – individually, perhaps in group discussion, and/or as a class – as fully as you can, the arguments, evidence, reasons, and/or other grounds that support each of the options you describe in (1) above.

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 What Seem to be your Options?
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3. Given that you have likely described at least two possible options, each with reasonably strong supporting arguments, at this point, can you provide any additional arguments, evidence, reasons, and/or other grounds for a specific choice that help justify that choice as the better of the available options?

4. (Optional: You may want to review at least the first two ethical frameworks discussed in chapter 6, consequentialism/utilitarianism and deontology. After doing so, return to the arguments, etc., that you’ve provided above. Do you notice whether your arguments are more consequentialist, perhaps utilitarian, and/or more deontological in some way?)