What is COPD? Name 3 risk factors associated with COPD

The following questions are based on Hinkle Chapter: 24 Chronic Pulmonary Disease

55-60) Mr Kotter is a 40 year old male who smokes 1 pack of cigarettes daily, presents to the local urgent care for worsening cough and dyspnea. He states “I never get sick, I just have this cough every morning. But now I am having some trouble breathing.”

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What is COPD? Name 3 risk factors associated with COPD
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  1. What is COPD? Name 3 risk factors associated with COPD.
  2. COPD is an overlapping of what 2 Diseases? What is the criteria for diagnosis and what diagnostic tests would you expect to be performed?
  3. How would you explain pursed-lip breathing to your patient with COPD?

61) When auscultating the lungs of a 23 yo female with asthma, the nurse is aware that the  most common adventitious breath sound associated with asthmatics is?

The following questions are based on HInkle Chapter: 23 Lower Respiratory Tract

62) A patient is suspected of having pneumonia. What signs and symptoms would the nurse expect to find in the older adult? Name 2 priority nursing interventions needed to obtain an accurate diagnosis?

63) Describe how you would explain the purpose of and instruct a client on how to use  an incentive spirometer.

64-65) The nurse enters the room of Mrs. Brady, an 81 year old female with a history of a recent stroke who is receiving enteral (tube) feeds.  She finds her flat on her back, dyspneic, tachycardic, and hypotensive. (BP 80/45  HR 110  R 28). An elederly patient with a stroke history is at risk for what lower respiratory tract disorder? Why? List 3 measures the nurse can implement to help prevent this disorder.