What group of viruses does COVID belong to?

Create a PowerPoint presentation about COVID19. Your report should not be all text; it should have pictures to illustrate each point on each slide.  Things that must be included in your presentation:

  • Name of virus and disease it causes.
  • What group of viruses does COVID belong to? What does it look like (i.e. is it an RNA virus? What structures does the virus have? Is it enveloped?
  • How is the disease spread? • What are the disease symptoms?
  • What is the mortality rate?
  • What do we know about how this virus infects humans?
  • What is interesting or different about this disease?
  • Disease prevalence worldwide. Specifically, which countries are affected by the disease?
  • What are effective treatments? Is there a vaccine? Drugs?
  • What is the best way to avoid the disease?
  • Who is most at risk?
  • How has quarantine measures helped reduce the spread of the virus?
  • Citations.

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What group of viruses does COVID belong to?
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