What Does Success Look Like one Year From Now

What Does Success Look Like one Year From Now

New retail area manager of 7 truck stop locations that has a store, restaurant, and mechanics shop on property. All the KPI’s are bad, financials are bad, training has been bad, poor hiring decisions, no accountability, no standards, no structure, many customer complaints, no talent in the stores, no extra managers in the group being developed for next level of leadership. I need to recruit for talent to prepare for growth and replace those that are not helping move the business forward.

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What Does Success Look Like one Year From Now
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I need a one or two page max of how we can turn the current situation listed above to positive moving the business forward through daily coaching, developing, training, recruiting, accountability, empathy, family culture, putting the team first, caring about them and their family, making personal succession plans for all leaders, goals and expectations for all hourly team members. End result business is profitable, we have trained people ready for the next level and eager to train others for the next level all metrics are at company goal or above.

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