What Do Lesbian See That Gay Men Don’t Seem To?

Canaday and Meyer argue that women openly and loudly resisted the military’s attempt to silence and court martial them out of the service. This was almost the opposite of gay men who found blue discharges humiliating and stayed in the closet in order to receive benefits.


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What Do Lesbian See That Gay Men Don’t Seem To?
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This is a general question wrapped into three questions. I am attempting to frame the meaning of the question or discussion that I want you to have.  So, don’t answer them each individually.

What did lesbians see that gay men did? What was different about women’s experience in or out of the military and men’s? What forces do you think were at play that caused these different responses?


Is it possible for LGBTQA+ people to be full citizens with full rights, if they are prevented from serving openly in the military?

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