What Are The Societal and Penal Responses To Youth Drug Use?

List and and compare the different data reporting systems for juvenile crimes.  What are the strengths and weaknesses of each reporting  system.

Explain some of the patterns of drug use by youth today.  What are some of the reasons from the reading that youth gravitate towards drug use?  How do you feel about the prevention and responses to youth drug use?

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  What Are The Societal and Penal Responses To Youth Drug Use?
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Break down Howard Becker’s typology of Deviant Behavior.  What is your overall understanding of a deviant vs deviant behavior?  How does this coincide with the Labeling Theory?  How have you proven or defied these theories in everyday life?

 Robert Merton was known for his building upon Durkheim’s concept of anomie.  In the following video, give your interpretation of how Robert Merton’s Strain Theory aligns or builds upon  Durkheim’s initial study of Anomie.  How do we see this in everyday life?  How does this intersect with other theorists views as they look further into anomie?

Break down and identify the four reasons and societal understanding of drug use.  What are the societal and penal responses to youth drug use?  Are there better responses that you are able to identify through research?

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