What are the best grounds on which to make a case for rapid action on climate change?

It is 1500 words in length (excluding bibliography). It should engage with the subject matter of the course, define any terminology, deploy appropriate conceptual frameworks, draw on empirical evidence, produce an argument, and put forward a response. It may address primarily an intellectual issue (e.g. the relationship between class and race relative to critical descriptions of the emergence of capitalism), or an issue in the ‘real world’ (e.g. the implications of border securitisation for migrants in the Global South facing climate change related food insecurity), or some combination or relation between these two.

Grasp and range of literature, readability (tone and style), insight and depth of coverage, evidence of applied critical thinking, demonstrated grasp of a critical theoretical/interpretive framework, analytical application of that grasp to the nominated topic, engagement with relevant empirical detail, clarity, structure, organisation, and cohesion of the argument overall (appropriate signposting, introduction and conclusion etc.), appropriate citation and bibliographic form, correct spelling and grammar.

Subject Learning Outcomes Assessed Demonstrate an understanding of the nature and implications of state and economic development on small-scale and subsistence societies Devise and produce a literature based research project