What are the benefits of having a scenius?

● What are the benefits of having a scenius?
● What are the benefits of documenting your work process?
In “Show Your Work! 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered,
Kleon presents the benefits of having a scenius is that scenius gives opportunities to
those that aren’t the most intellectual people “to contribute—the ideas [they] share,
the quality of the connections [they] make, and the conversations [they] start.” (p.20)
In other words, it allows those people to grow and improve themselves by sharing
their interests and to connect with people. In addition, having a scenius “can adjust
our own expectations and the expectations of the worlds we want to accept us.”
(p.20) We have our own rights to express our interests and anything that we care
about to those that are related to us especially on social media.
There are few benefits of documenting my own work progress. As a young
fashion designer I have many options about sharing my work, I have the right to
decide whether I want to share the process or I can share my fashion sketches or my
work in progress to the audience. By doing this, it allows me to create an ongoing
connection with the audience. Also, documenting and recording the process allows
me to know what is going on around me and clearly see my progress. This would be
a great vision for me to see what to improve in the future!

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