Ways that a Person’s Living Environment can Cause Physical or Psychological Harm

A person’s living environment can result in psychological or psychological harm. Physical and psychological harm have an impact on the overall health and well-being of individuals.  Studies reveal that the artificial features and population density in urban areas can lead to development of mental health problems and increased crime rates that result in psychological harm and physical harm respectively. Urban conditions have huge influence on people’s behaviors and thus individuals living in overpopulated areas of towns are more likely to experience breakdown of their behavior patterns. For instance, studies have indicated that rapid urbanization contributes to prevalence of schizophrenia and mental illnesses. Several crime rates in cities have also been associated with stress that results from urban overcrowding. Incidences of rising violence towards their children are evident in the increased rates of children battering by their mothers and high rates of divorce cases also reflect on the breakdown of people’s behaviors in society. Such an environment provides people with feelings of anxiety, discouragement and eventually depression thus affecting their psychological and physical health (Lovallo, 2015).

Unclean environment has harmful impacts on psychological and physical health of individuals. People living in unclean areas in cities such as slums often experience various difficulties and this could affect their well being. For instance, people living in slums experience shortage of clean water and poor quality of air caused by the bad smell emanating from wastes and sewage. Such situation can limit people’s freedom and mobility and…….

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