Water molecule

1. Draw the structure of a water molecule and describe its shape and using VSEPR
theory provide an explanation for the shape of the molecule.
2. Water is considered to be a polar molecule. Provide an explanation as to why water
molecules are considered to be polar. Your explanation should take into account
the nature of the covalent bonds in water, and its geometry.
3. Are all molecules polar? Carbon dioxide (CO2) is not a polar molecules. Why is
CO2 not a polar molecule even though the covalent bonds between C and O are
similar to those between O and H in water?
4. Water exhibits some unusual properties that other molecules of the same size do
not. List some of these properties, and provide an explanation as to why water
exhibits these properties.
5. Water is considered to be an essential component for the existence of life. What
properties of water make it suitable for sustaining life?
6. Some substances are very soluble in water while others are not. For example table
salt and ethanol is highly soluble in water, while compounds such as benzene and
decane have very low water solubility. Provide an explanation as to why we observe
these differences in solubility.
7. Water has a slight tendency to ionize. Pure water contains very small amounts of
hydronium and hydroxide ions. Write a chemical equation to describe ionization of

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