Watch The “Mockumentary’ Film “Confederate States of America”

Watch the “mockumentary’ film “Confederate States of America” which can be found on Netflix or YouTube.  I also provided the link.  This film is a fake documentary that mixes fact with fiction to creatively suggest what U.S. history and the current U.S. political economy might look like if the confederacy won the Civil War and slavery was still legal. Let me reiterate that this is a fake documentary created to imagine what life and our economy would be like if slavery still existed as a result of the Civil War being lost to the confederate army.  


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Watch The “Mockumentary’ Film “Confederate States of America”
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Review the attached video and choose two of the questions listed below as a guide and basis for discussion with your classmates.  Guidelines are to complete each post before the due date with a minimum of 250 words. Include in your posts some concepts and vocabulary from the assigned video, textbook, and/or lecture slides to demonstrate your understanding of the lesson for the module.

What are some examples of how the fictitious pro-slavery CSA economy depicted in the film is unhealthy compared to today’s actual U.S. economy? Explain your answer.

Are there any relationships between the workplace of the pro-slavery CSA economy depicted in the film compared to the current workplace environment in the U.S.?

What about the film intrigued you the most? Explain and give examples.

What does the film convey about roots of creativity and innovation in society? Explain and give examples.

Is it fair and accurate for the film producers to imagine our country as becoming the C.S.A. today if the Union lost the Civil War and slavery were still legal?

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