Was it possible to end the Cold War before 1991?

Was it possible to end the Cold War before 1991?
One can presuppose that the collapse of the Soviet Union ended the war, but there is a possibility that this process could have been facilitated?

The overall purpose of this paper is to gauge your research abilities, and your ability to convey that information in a formalized writing assignment. You will be graded as much for the quality of research as you are for the actual writing itself. Here are the objectives that I will be looking for when reading your paper:

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Was it possible to end the Cold War before 1991?
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1. What is the quality of the research? Do you use common sources or do you make an effort to find more substantive materials? Please note that the textbook is not an acceptable source for the final paper, and I am looking for at least 3-5 different sources. You must also include an annotated bibliography with this assignment.
2. How effectively do you incorporate your research into the paper? Do you use your research to back up the points you are making, or are you just reciting facts?
3. How strong is the paper? Is there a solid thesis statement? Do your ideas flow logically and are your thoughts developed?
4. How well is the paper written? Is it formatted properly? Do you have spelling/grammatical errors?

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