Wall Street Journal

Identify a current news article from the Wall Street Journal that is somehow related to finance(needs wsj acc)

Learning Goal: I’m working on a finance writing question and need support to help me learn.

Initial Posting: Due Saturday of your group’s week at 11:59 PM on Canvas.

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Wall Street Journal
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Replies (minimum of two): Due Tuesday of your group’s week at 11:59PM on Canvas.

Students who do not make an initial post by their due date will receive zero points for the entire assignment, regardless of additional posts/replies they make.

Students will identify a current news article from the Wall Street Journal that is somehow related to finance

.Parameters for the article:•

Less than 30 days old.•

Substantive “enough” (i.e. more than a paragraph or two).

•Must be an actual news story.

DO choose an article about the following topics:

§Why stocks are up/down on a given day. Why bond yields are up/down on a given day.

§The hiring/firing of an executive (even a finance executive).

§How-to/explanatory guide.


You will find that virtually any WSJ article related to business is also related to finance

.Once you have identified your article, your assignment is to type up a summary and discussion.

Your first paragraph should summarize the article, and your next paragraph (or two) should discuss the connections of the article to class, followed by possible implications on you and/or a particular company/industry, the economy, businesses at large, etc. Your writeup must be 300350 words. Include the web link to your article at the top of your posting, followed by your writeup. Once finished, submit your writeup as a discussion board post. Just copy/paste the text into your post; please do not submit your post as an attachment. After submitting your writeup as a discussion board post, you must reply to two other students’ article posts on the discussion board. These replies should add something to the conversation and could include additional questions. Replies such as “Nice article, it was interesting,” with nothing else are insufficient. Replies must be 125150 words. Please check back to see if students have asked you questions or otherwise made comments that you should reply to. To ensure adequate time for student replies, your initial posts are due several days before your replies are due. Please review the due dates in the course calendar.

Point breakdown5points for sufficient article, 65points for writeup, 30points for discussion board participation/replies. This assignment is designed to stimulate your thinking of finance as you go through life. I cannot count the number of times I read an article or watch the news and hear about the concepts we discuss in class. It happens multiple times a day, every day. My sincere hope is that this exercise helps you see the connection between our class and the “real” world.