Voting Procedures

There may be certain meetings where a decision or multiple different decisions need to be made. This

could be in a board meeting where attendees have to vote to decide on an individual who they feel is

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Voting Procedures
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the most capable of performing a certain role.

Your organisational procedures may state that some business decisions should be based on using a

private voting system, as this will prevent people becoming influenced by others. Check with your

manager/appropriate person if you need to arrange this kind of set-up.


Meeting numbers

After you have identified and made contact with the meeting participants, there will be a need to

confirm meeting arrangements with colleagues and those who are responsible for ensuring everything

is in place for the meeting to run successfully. You might receive notifications regarding those who can

attend the meeting and others who will be unable to attend. This is one of the crucial factors to confirm

as the number of participants will have implications on the room chosen for the meeting to be held and

the resources required.