Voices of Freedom: A Documentary History, Volume 1, Fifth or Sixth Edition (Freedom)

1. You are a New York printer who is remembering back on his participation in the early days of
the American Revolution when he was a printer’s apprentice. Using documents from Voices
Chapter 5 as well as supporting information from Give Me Liberty, talk about how you were
influenced to resist British tyranny. Recall one event that you participated in and why. Be
specific and use details.
2. You are an indentured servant on a Chesapeake tobacco plantation writing a letter to a friend
back in England. Discuss your working and living conditions, comparing them to slaves also
working in the fields, and ask that friend for some form of support. Be specific and use details.
3. You are an escaped slave from a Maryland plantation in the 1700s. Write about some of your
experiences in order to show why you have escaped. Did you escape alone or with others? What
are your plans if you are not caught? What if you are caught? Be specific and use details.
4. You are a colonist in either Virginia or Massachusetts Bay colony in the 1600s. Use the
documents to describe your life in one of these colonies. You may consider relations with Native
Americans, your religious life, your family life, and your experience as either a man or a woman
in the colony. Be specific and use details.
5. You are an Anti-Federalist who is arguing against the ratification of the Constitution in 1788 in a
letter to a newspaper. Give at least two reasons why you oppose ratification. What form of
government do you support and why? Be specific and give examples.

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