Other Voices – International Texts Task: Short Story

Context:            This unit has focussed on various international texts and the way personal voice and social context shape texts and the representations of particular cultures. It explores the voices that have often been marginalised and silenced within their respective societies. Among the texts studied, you have read a number of short stories from such cultures.



Task:       A respected, popular international publication will run a special issue entitled, ‘Hope’, which will feature the short stories of writers from various marginalised cultures around the world.


Your task is to create a short story whichexplores a specific marginalised culture, and communicate the theme of “Hope”. Your short story must be identifiable to your selected culture and it must feature the same culture you are focussing on for your upcoming spoken presentation.



Purpose:                             To entertain and inspire through the telling of a story


Audience:Adult audience


Length:                       600 – 800 words




1.       Familiarity with subject matter



2.       Access to resource

3.       Teacher drafting

4.       Conditions


Personal experiences, research, reading various international texts, analysis of short stories, teacher exposition

Unlimited access

One written draft only

Completed at home and in class, unlimited access to resources, teacher processing and editing work



I verify that this work is submitted as my own; any direct uses of the work of others is either referenced or has been only utilised to inform my own understandings and is not replicated within this task.


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