Vitamin C added to substances

Introduction:1-1.5 state the question why are you doing this experiment, background info-what is vitamin c used for, what would happen if you didn’t have enough, historical information, methods used in other labs to determine amounts of vitamin C in substances. This is basically a review of the literature-why is it important that this question is being asked, 3 primary sources, hypothesis
materials and methods: 0.5-1 pages, no lists, descriptive narrative about the precedure written in paragraph form, include information about which statistical methods were used to analyze the data(but not results)
results:1-2pages, including embedded table and graph, results should be explained in a logical, organized paragraphs. the table and graph should be referenced in text, both the table and the figure should be incorporated into the text of the section not just displayed at the end of the text.

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Vitamin C added to substances
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