Visual Description

This paper isn’t about artistic concepts, rather it will be a descriptive paper.
I want you to describe a piece of art (poster, jewelry or anything similar that
is located in your home or the place you are staying at the moment) as if you
are explaining it to a blind person. The person you are describing it to lost
their sight during adulthood so they possess a high level of visual
sophistication. I want you to think about how you enter the residence, how
the internal spaces are arranged and their sizes. I want you to take us on a
journey through the space and arrive at a piece of artwork, what’s its title if
it has one? Describe the size, is it hung on a wall, how is it displayed?
Describe its texture, color, the shapes, lines and what it’s composed of.
Remember to describe the floor you are walking on. Below you will find a
short example of one of the many ways you could go about writing this.
Take a picture for inclusion on a third page. Use it as a reference, read your
work to a friend, have them try to figure out the appearance by your
You enter the apartment through a door that has a peep hole in
the center, a door knob on the right with two additional locks above it.
The door is approximately 72” tall and 33” wide. The door is painted a
disgusting shade of baby shit brown, a color that the landlord probably
bought for very little money in the 1950s. The door opens in and
swings to the left. Once inside you are at a junction of two hallways,
one of which goes to the right and has a door at the end, two on the
left side and three on the right. Ahead of you is a short hall, about 3
feet long that opens up onto a room that goes back about 30 feet to a
large series of windows, through which you can see other buildings.
Two paces into the room you notice that this room extends to the
right and is approximately 15 feet wide. The floor in this apartment is
covered throughout by 2-foot square tiles of some kind of brown
material that are possibly meant to simulate (very badly) some kind of
Continuing forward 7 paces and turning to the left you see a
large painting hung on a wall 3 feet in front of you. The painting is 7
feet wide and 5 feet tall and has no frame. Just raw canvas painted to
the edge of the frame it’s stretched over. The paining appears to
contain a scene of two people in their late teens, the people take up
the bottom two-thirds of the painting, both people are facing inward
towards each other but offset so the person in the right is 1.5 feet
closer to the edge than the person on the left. The person on the left
seems to be dressed in some sort of generic fast-food uniform… (This
continues describing so that you can picture it in your mind, perhaps
ask a friend to read this last part to make sure they can picture it
without actually having seen it).
Write in a similar descriptive style to what you see above. Your actual style
of writing will be unique to you, however what you want is the detail that
will help someone imagine the space.

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