visual analysis (subject- asian art history- visual culture) Formal analysis of two portraits of Farukhsiyar by an unknown Mughal artist and Simon Schijnvoet, a Dutch printmaker

That being said there is a caveat. You are, after all, being graded on your ability to make a coherent argument about the work based SOLELY on its formal characteristics. Thus, this essay requires you to have an overlying argument that ties in with your reading of the painting. Use your notes—built on your reading or rather looking—of the painting. Remember looking and seeing are two different things. You must make this transition in your essay by helping the reader to see what you have observed. Use the formal elements in the painting to make an argument. How do these elements support or reject your claims? Why do they do so? Here, I encourage you not to resort to external sources, but rather to trust your visual acuity. You are, of course, required to introduce the painting within its period of production, but do not let that take away from your observations. 1. Thesis statement, i.e. a clearly articulated argument that runs through the course of the paper: 20 points 2. Desсrіptive qualities, i.e. visual analysis (be precise): 40 points 3. Organization, i.e. clear introduction, transition sentences, conclusion, and so on: 20 points (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN ON ATTACHED FILES) THERE ARE 2 IMAGES ALSO GIVEN AT END ON WHICH BASIS YOU HAVE TO DO ASSIGNMNET

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