Violating the Human rights of the refugees get punished

Countries that weren’t allowing refugees would also be punished.

  1. -The first punishment would be tariffs, these countries that are treating the refugees bad or not let them in at all would be heavily taxed on imports, this would hopefully motivate them to improve the accommodations of the refugees or start letting them in to their countries for the ones that weren’t doing so.
  2. -The next step in holding these countries accountable for human right violations or not letting in refugees in at all, would be decreased funding from the EU, this would probably lead them in the right direction.
  3. -The final and most drastic step would be expulsion from the EU, but this would only happen if reports came in of extremely inhumane treatment towards refugees, and if the country doing this had not responded to the first two countermeasures. Obviously there would have to be a vote in order for a country to be kicked out of the EU, and it would have to pass. This step would used more of as an ultimatum.

For the countries that have already accepted the refugees but are not treating them well, or violating their human rights, an EU agent would have to go the country and inspect the living conditions of the refugees, living facility, medical treatment, etc. Many countries have claimed that sending an EU agent to inspect the living conditions of the refugees is an invasion of privacy but the EU is responsible for verifying that everything is in order and that the refugees are being treated humanely.

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Violating the Human rights of the refugees get punished
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We also need to find a way to determine the number of refugees each country can take in, considering their economy, population and EU funding, For smaller countries whose economies aren’t all too good the EU or in this case group 4 would hopefully allocate resources to them so that they can take in refugees.

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