View The Assigned Speech: Stella Young

View The Assigned Speech: Stella Young

• View the assigned speech : Stella Young – I am not your Inspiration, thank you very much.

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View The Assigned Speech: Stella Young
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Link to the speech:



After viewing the assigned speech, write a paper (must be a minimum of 750 words and should not exceed-1000 words in length, which is the equivalent to about 3-4 double- spaced typewritten pages) that addresses ALL of the questions below.

Remember to use examples to support your answers. These papers should reflect CCBC English 101 writing standards (i.e. organized paragraphs, standard heading and format – refer to Basic Assignments- with minimal spelling and grammatical errors.) Also make sure that your answers for each question in the essay be at least a paragraph, as you are asked to provide a minimum number of examples for each question. Also remember to incorporate an Introduction and Conclusion.


The introduction of the paper should provide insight and interest to the audience. Lead with a hook or an attention getter such as a rhetorical question, statistic, definition, humor or a statement (Hacker, 2003, p. 14). Include background information or orientation. Lastly, form a thesis statement that will include your main points (Hacker, p.13).


1. How does the speaker’s background/experiences influence his/her perception of the topic?

2. What are they saying about their self-concept and/or their co-culture and how it relates to other co-cultures and realities?

3. How does the speaker consider the diversity (in terms of background, beliefs, and values) of the audience – including those watching online?

4. What aspects of the speaker’s verbal delivery were effective and/or ineffective?

5. What aspects of the speaker’s nonverbal deliver were effective and/or ineffective?

6. Research the sources used in the speech and evaluate whether they enhance the credibility of the speaker. Then find one source on the topic that the speaker could incorporate into their speech to enhance or support their speech. Explain the credibility of that source and why you selected it.

7. Discuss how the speaker avoided or displayed bias in the speech. Defend your position.


The conclusion should review and summarize your main points and leave the audience with something to think about (Hacker, p.16). For example, after you summarize your main points you may want to use a quote or a personal comment that captures how you feel about the speech.

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