Video Response – Death and Dying

Before viewing this video, make sure to read all of Chapter 11: Death and Dying and review all of the PowerPoint slides for this chapter to have a better understanding of the important concepts contained in this video.Your video response should be from 1-3 paragraphs and each paragraph should contain about 5-7 sentences. This assignment should take about 30 minutes to complete, so if you spending a lot more time than, you are probably overdoing it.

After viewing this video:

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Video Response – Death and Dying
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  1. Write a short summary of this video. This summary should include a comment on something new you learned and a comment on something you found interesting about this video.
  2. Provide a description of how politics and culture have discouraged conversations about death and dying in the United States. Next, describe the Conversation Project and how it aims to empower people to have autonomy over their life and death choices.
  3. Discuss how involving others in death in dying can be both empowering and scary for families.

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