Leadership Video Reflection Paper: Watch the assigned video listed for the Module/ Week. You Select from one of the video’s and write a minimum 3 page reflection paper on one of the leadership videos selected for the Module/Week. Paper format should include the following sections: (1) Cover Page; (2) Summary section of leadership video/ minimum 1 page; (3) Application section of how the leadership video connected to the course content/ minimum ½ page; (4) Reflection section of what lesson you learned from the leadership video/minimum ½ page. Each paper is worth a maximum 10 point each for a maximum of 80 points)

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Leadership Video Reflection Paper (Sources): Reference Web Links and Videos

Web Links and Videos

Categories: (1) Leadership Video Inspirational; (2) TED Talks Leadership and Management, Leadership, etc.; (3) Drew Dudley Everyday Leadership

9 Inspiring Leadership Videos: There are a gazillion videos about leadership on YouTube

Internet Resources

Refer to Textbook Appendix A-D (UB Global Compact Website)

General Expectations for All Written Assignments:

Papers should follow current APA guidelines in terms of type, margins, and citations and address the following areas:

  • Address the actual assignment topic. Consult the instructor for additional information or clarity on assignment instructions.
  • Cover the assignment topic in sufficient detail and depth, with scholarly sources to support claims.
  • The content should reflect ample use of required readings and other course materials.
  • The Written Assignment Rubric provides grading guidelines.