Victim Compensation Program

Victim compensation programs generally only cover losses incurred by victims of violent crimes. Do you agree with this limitation? Should property crime victims also be eligible for victim compensation? Why or why not? This is an opinion paper. There is no wrong opinion; your goal is to present and justify your opinion regarding this issue. You might assume that I hold a differing opinion and that you are trying to convince me to change my viewpoint.

To write an opinion paper, you provide your opinion and then give rational reasons for holding this opinion. Generally, this type of paper should have at least three good reasons. So, you should have about five paragraphs. Your opinion is your thesis statement and should appear in the first paragraph of the paper. I should not have to search through your paper to figure out your opinion! It would be best if you also listed your supporting reasons briefly in the first paragraph. You should then expand upon each reason in a separate paragraph; if you have three reasons, you should have three paragraphs! Of course, you can have more. You may need multiple paragraphs to discuss one of your supporting arguments fully, or you may have more than three supporting reasons to discuss. Finally, conclude your essay with a final paragraph that summarizes your argument. Although this is an opinion paper and may be written in the first person, you must write properly. You will lose points if your paper lacks proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, organization, clarity, or insight.

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Victim Compensation Program
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