Vertical Distribution Of Powers

· What is the impact of transnational law on domestic governance?

· What is the difference between the direct application of European Union law and the indirect application of the European Convention on Human Rights?

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Vertical Distribution Of Powers
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· How does the European Council’s authority over the race discrimination policies of the European Union member states compare to Congress’s authority over state law? How does it compare to the U.S. Supreme Court’s authority over state action through interpretation of the equal protection clause?


· Why was the Supreme Court case  Brown v. Board of Education significant?

· What is affirmative action?

· What are other ways of implementing equality guarantees?

· Why do you think so many other countries perceive explicit legislative quotas as consistent with their constitutional equality guarantees? What additional “equality” issues does a system of quotas produce?


Racism Has A Cost For Everyone-Ted-Talk

Please watch the video and give three key points or statements that you didn’t know before watching the video. And how can you apply these three points or statement to your life, family, job or community. to an external site.