Value Delivery Networks

Learning Goal: I’m working on a marketing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

In this exercise, students use the SPM Spreadseet (excel) to answer a series of questions.

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Value Delivery Networks
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Value Delivery Networks Assignment #3


Assignment #3 – Financial Analysis Exercise



Initial Markup                                                         65%

Total Cost of Goods Sold                                      55%

Average Inventory at Cost                                   $360,000

Gross Sales                                                               $3,200,000

Reductions                                                               $400,000

Total Expenses                                                        $600,000

Total Assets                                                             $2,800,000

Net Worth/Owner’s Equity                                 $900,000


Note – These are formal assignments and should be written up clearly and concisely.  In addition to ANSWERING the question, students must note the “SO WHAT” or strategic TAKE-AWAY of their answer.  Where necessary show ALL calculations or provide support.


TO SUBMIT – remove all these instructions and just leave the prompts and your answers, below.  Save the file with YOUR name and assignment # (eg: Conran-Assignment 3). 


  1. Do a SPM – attach the SPM model.


  1. For each of the following – determine (SHOW ALL CALCULATIONS and comment on what these results MEAN):
    1. Profit Margin
    2. Asset Turnover
    3. Inventory Turnover
    4. Return on Assets
    5. Leverage
    6. Return on Net Worth
    7. If sales increase by 5%, what will be the change in asset turnover?
    8. If inventory accounts for 60% of total assets and this investment declines by 10%, what will be the change in return on net worth?
    9. If leverage increases by 50%, what will be the change in return on net worth?
    10. If cost of goods sold increases by 15%, what will be the change in profit margin?