USMCA Trade Agreement Research & Discussion

In July of 2020 the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), several decade old, was substituted by the United States, Mexico & Canada (USMCA) Trade Agreement signed by all three North American countries. After researching these commercial and trade documents proceed to complete the assignment and questions detailed below.


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USMCA Trade Agreement Research & Discussion
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Sources: Credited/relevant articles and publications on NAFTA and the USMCA Trade Agreement, preferably from all three countries involved.

1. Write a brief background about NAFTA. Its justification, objectives, scope, benefits & major issues during its duration.
2.Explain the major needs driving the decision to re-negotiate NAFTA and create the USMCA.
3. Explain the major differences between NAFTA and the USMCA and the public position on pros & cons from each of the signee perspective.
Questions :
4.In your opinion which of the differences between NAFTA and the USMCA is the most relevant and why?
5. In your opinion which key topics discussed in Williams MGMT11 Ch. 8 – Global Management relate to the USMCA? Explain?
6. How does the USMCA affect the general business environment for companies established in the Rio Grande Valley, TX ?

Make sure to express your take on content creatively. When you cite any source, please paraphrase the sentences you cite.

Reference (citation): lists should be provided at the last page in your assignment (if applicable), follow commonly used formats.

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