User Interface Design

You will be preparing User Interface Design for SilverStar Bank’s Website. The bank is helping online
companies to do online transaction for the customers who holds their credit card (SilverStar Bank Credit
Card). Please consider the following parameters:
• The Bank’s has one big database where it keeps all customer data transactions.
• The Bank’s physical data center is in NYC, NY.
• Data center has the power to process 5000,000 customers a day
• Customers can use SilverStar Bank Credit Card on Internet /online shopping
• The Bank’s database can be accessed remotely by the customers and the companies.
• It provides interfacing databases with the web browser to the companies.
• Each money transaction should be reported to the related company.
EXAMPLE CASE : SuperShoes Inc is selling shoes online. When a customer orders a product with
SilverStar Bank credit card, the payment must go thought SilverStar Bank. When the payment secured,
SilverStar Bank should access the SuperShoes database to update the payment info. Then SuperShoes
will send the ordered items to the customer.

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