Use Medicines Safely

Clinical process:  Use medicines safely. All medications should be clearly labeled. Nurses and other clinical staff should keep a detailed record of the patient’s medications. Patients should receive written documentation about the medicines they need to take and be encouraged to update their providers of any medication changes.

1. Introduction

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Use Medicines Safely
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a. Explaining the clinical process

b. Explain why it needs to be change

2.Identify a change that could be implemented in your clinical practice (Improve staff communication)

3. Clearly describe your proposed change using Kotter’s 8 steps

a. Step One: Create Urgency

b. Step Two: Form a Powerful Coalition

c. Step Three: Create a Vision for Change

d. Step Four: Communicate the Vision

e. Step Five: Remove Obstacles

f. Step Six: Create Short-Term Wins

g. Step Seven: Build on the Change

h. Step Eight: Anchor the Changes in Corporate Culture

4. Conclusion

a. explaining the benefits of your proposed changes