Unit 8 Assignment: Final Draft

Select an article from a website that identifies a relevant change in your field of study.(Health Science is my field of study particularly in social work). Write a 4-5 paragraph draft of your own academic essay that establishes a point about either the cause or effect of this relevant change. Develop your main point about this change using your own ideas, observations, and experience.

Be sure that your substantially revised Academic Essay meets the following expectations:

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Unit 8 Assignment: Final Draft
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Establish and develop a clear main point about your topic that is original and insightful.
Address either a cause or effect of the change or controversy you are addressing, without taking a position or writing to persuade.
Organize ideas logically, demonstrate paragraph unity and connection of ideas through the use of transition devices.
Strengthen and support your ideas through the incorporation of an additional 2-3 relevant and reliable secondary sources from either the KU Library or published on the web.
Apply 6th Edition APA formatting to give credit to all source information and ideas, whether you quote, paraphrase or summarize these sources.
Utilize KU Writing Center resources to format the paper, including the title page, body pages, margins, in-text citations, and references page citations.
Follow the conventions of Standard American English.
This Academic Essay should be 2 – 2 and 1/2 pages long, double spaced, excluding title page and references page. Find out how your instructor will grade your Unit 8 Assignment by reviewing the rubric.