Understand Your Motivations

Most organizations employ a total person approach. This approach recognizes that an organization does

not just employ someone with skills, but rather, the whole person. This person comes with biases,

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Understand Your Motivations
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personal challenges, human relations skills, and technical skills but also comes with experiences. By

looking at a person from this perspective, an organization can begin to understand that what happens to

an employee outside of work can affect his or her job performance. For example, assume Kathy is doing a

great job at work but suddenly starts to arrive late, leave early, and take longer lunches. Upon further

examination, we might find that Kathy is having childcare issues because of her divorce. Because of a total

person approach perspective, her organization might be able to rearrange her schedule or work with her

to find a reasonable solution. This relates to human relations because we are not just people going to work

every day; we are people who live our personal lives, and one affects the other. Because of this, our human

relations abilities will most certainly be affected if we are experiencing challenges at home or at work.